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Fall 09 TV Preview

It is time for the Fall 09 TV preview. Here is a look at some of the interesting new television shows coming this fall.

The information I used was from zap2it.

The Cleveland Show

Network: FOX

Summary: In this “Family Guy” spinoff, Cleveland Brown makes good on a promise to his high school sweetheart by moving to his hometown in Virginia. -zap2it

Comment:  If you like “Family Guy” and “American Dad”, you will probably like this show.  It is worth the watch if you like either show.


Network: NBC

Summary: A fast-talkin’ lawyer (Joel McHale) whose degree has been revoked forms a study group made up of a band of misfits. -zap2it

Comment:  Airing in the Thursday comedy NBC slot, this show has the chance to be very good.  Joel McHale is very funny in “The Soup”, but will it translate to this show, we’ll see.  It is worthy of a couple of episode preview.


Network: ABC

Summary: During a mysterious black out, everybody in the world has a two-minute vision of their future. -zap2it

Comment:  Interesting premise to a show.  It could be very good, and it is seems to be taking the premise of Lost with the flash forward idea.  However, it will be competing against the Thursday NBC comedies, so this could be an online watch.


Network: ABC

Summary: A “re-imagining” of the 1980’s series about Earth’s first encounter with an alien race that says it comes in peace, but may have more sinister plans in the works. -zap2it

Comment: No, this is not a television adaption for V for Vendetta, but the premise of the show is interesting.  It may be a good sci-fi for people that are into that genre.

Everything Else

May be added later along with cast of the shows.  You can look for it yourself.

Continuing Shows

The next season of The Office will start this fall.  Also, 24 and Friday Night Lights will continue sometime in the future, while Entourage is already airing.

Jay Leno Show

Network: NBC

Comment:  Jay Leno will be back this fall in a new timeslot at 10 pm.

  1. panda101
    September 18, 2009 at 1:26 AM

    Might I suggest Christian Slater’s new show “Forgotten”

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